M.Sc. C.S. Proposal Defense: Prometheus Peter L. Lazo (Spiking Neural P Systems with Stochastic Application of Rules)

March 1, 2021


10 a.m. - noon


Meeting ID: 842 4152 3069

Passcode: 25590385


This proposal continues the investigations of introducing probabilities to spiking neural P systems, SN P systems in short – membrane computing models inspired from biological spiking neurons. A particular interest for SN P systems in this study is the nondeterministic selection of applicable firing rules. Rules represent the possible reactions of a neuron to the number of electrical impulses, or spikes, present. Intuitively, having nondeterministic selection can be interpreted as having a random choice with equal probabilities for all options. This seems unnatural in some biological sense since some reactions are more active than others in general as emphasized in Obtułowicz, A., & Păun, G. (2003). (In search of) probabilistic P systems. BioSystems, 70(2), 107-121. This proposal suggests the study on the a priori introduction of stochasticity on the nondeterministic selection of applicable rules and its effects on SN P systems, thereby replacing the nondeterminism with stochasticity.

Keywords: Spiking neural P systems, stochasticity, probability, universality