M.Sc. C.S. Proposal Defense: Jean Villar Malolos (On Minimum Connected Dominating Sets of some Biological Networks)

June 28, 2021


4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 852 7778 8877

Meeting Password: gsatdm2021

Panel Members

Henry ADORNA, Adviser

Jan Michael YAP, co-Adviser

John Justine VILLAR, Panel

Pia Regina Fatima ZAMORA, Panel



Graph representation of some biological networks have been utilized to develop computational models in accordance to its structure and properties. The Minimum Connected Dominating Set (MCDS) Problem is a subproblem of the Dominating Set Problem in graph theory that corresponds to the dominance of an induced subset in a given graph. This study aims to utilize the Maximum Leaf Spanning Tree based algorithm in acquiring the Minimum Connected Dominating Set of some biological networks. Applying this in Protein-Protein Interaction Network has shown potential in determining driver proteins.