Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence (CVMIG)

Laboratory Head:

Prospero Naval, Jr., Ph.D.

The group is envisioned to:

  1. Be globally-competitive in research areas such as vision-based interfaces for human-computer communication, machine learning, robot vision, machine translation and understanding of languages, and speech.
  2. Foster interdisciplinary research and cross-pollination of ideas through coordination with researchers from fields other than computer science and engineering, such as biology, psychology, linguistics, and medicine.
  3. Provide promising researchers with sufficient resources so that they could undertake research in areas of applied AI that exhibit strong potential for publication in international journals and presentation in international conferences and are highly relevant to Philippine conditions.


  • Kristofer delas Peñas, M.S.
  • Roselyn Gabud, M.S.
  • Riza Rae Pineda
  • Carlo Raquel, M.S.
  • Paul Rossener Regonia, M.S.