Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (PhD CS)

The program aims to develop computer scientists who are armed with methods, tools and techniques from both theoretical and systems aspects of computing. They should be able to formulate computing problems and develop new and innovative technology as novel solutions to address those problems. The graduates will gain expertise to independently contribute in Research and Development (R&D) on a specialized area of Computer Science. The program will prepare graduates for professional and/or research careers in industry, government or academe.

Admission Requirements

  1. Applicants must have a master’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mathematics or other fields, provided they have a substantial background in computing. This must include the following:
    • Data Structures
    • Automata Theory
    • Discrete Mathematical Structures
    • Algorithms
    • Computer Organization
    • Operating Systems
    • Computer Networks
    • Database Systems
    • Software Engineering
  2. Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in at least one (1) high-level programming language prescribed by the department’s graduate committee.
  3. Applicants must get their endorsement by one (1) of the department’s six (6) research laboratories:
    • Algorithms and Complexity Laboratory (ACL)
    • Computer Security Laboratory (CSL)
    • Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence Group (CVMIG)
    • Networks and Distributed Systems Group (NDSG)
    • Scientific Computing Laboratory (SCL)
    • Web Science Laboratory (WSL)