UP Cursor

The UP Association of Computer Science Majors (UP CURSOR) is a nonsectarian, nonprofit, and socio-academic organization founded on August 16, 1983 by a group of BS Computer Science students. The following are the objectives of the Organization:

  1. To extend the training of its members beyond the formal limits of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science curriculum of the University of the Philippines Diliman;
  2. To integrate the efforts of its members in pursuit of academic growth and excellence;
  3. To foster goodwill, friendship, cooperation, and dedication among its members;
  4. To cultivate and maintain cordial, fraternal, and professional relations with other organizations inside and outside the University; and
  5. To provide a channel for the promotion of general interests in the field of computer science. These are achieved by utilizing the talents and skills of its members to hold different events where different topics in computer science are discussed. The organization also provides different services for its members and the Department of Computer Science – UP Diliman. This way it can can develop its members holistically while promoting computer science and what it can offer to the society.

Contact Information

  •  execomm.upcursor@gmail.com