The Association for Computing Machinery - University of the Philippines Student Chapter (UP ACM) is the first local student chapter of the largest scientific and educational international computing society, the Association for Computing Machinery, and remains as Manila’s premiere student organization for computing. We support our members in the pursuit of academic excellence, leading to a regular batch of honors graduates from the organization every year.

Beyond the academe, UP ACM's larger mission is the pursuit of modern community development. With ACM International's objective of forwarding computing as a science and profession, UP ACM takes it a step forward by framing computer science as a vehicle for community development, especially for the less technologically advanced communities of Metro Manila.

UP ACM connects people and ideas by delivering top quality lectures, workshops, and competitions to schools and universities across Metro Manila. With annual projects for each academic levels - from elementary to the graduate level - UP ACM is leading the way in forwarding computer science and technology in the pursuit of our common goal - to the develop the communities of our future.

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